Branded Office Space


Allow your business and brand to have a fresh look and feel in the eyes of your potential clients. The common phrase “staring at a wall” is meant to mean doing something boring. A quick way to give your space a boost of energy and creativity is to change the blank spaces in your office to something fun and engaging. With Openness, creativity, collaboration, and inclusion being the buzz words of the 21st century office space; having a Custom Branded Space is a great way to foster that kind of environment, and to help increase employee productivity and moral.

Wall graphic

Concept, design and installation

Room Concept

Creative concept, design, furniture and installation

3D logo and text

Powerful quotes and impressive logo

Different technics

Paint, graph or print


This company provides news and information about neighbourhoods. We created a concept room for them; all about a Toronto park, community, proximity and neighbourhood.

  • Research & concept presentation
  • Mural wall graphics
  • Wall painting with corporate colour
  • 3D logo, bench, turf & decor
  • Complete installation

Our Creative Process


Our team come to your office to feel the atmosphere and find some inspiration or talk with you about your ideas.


We create several concepts to make you feel the new design


We follow your feedback and get back to you with the final artwork.


We can provide you all the furniture or you can buy them by yourself.

World Wide Logistics

WWL is a global provider of multimodal transportation services and logistics solutions, operating through a network branch of offices in North America. They chose to enhance their overall image by allowing us to rebrand them.

  • Creative wall graphics
  • Object hanging
  • 3D logo
  • 3D Inspiring quotes and milestone
Web & App Development
Web & App Development
A great website is the best way to advertise yourself at all times and that in turn makes it the most cost effective way to advertise as well.
We help you cut through the clutter with brand awareness and promotional exposure that reaches your customers and eclipses the competition.
Graphic Design
Graphic Design
Designing a great brochure is about crafting an experience. It's one of the most interactive types of print pieces and must engage the user through strong design.
We are a creative agency made to provide you an efficient brand image.
Investing time, attention and creative thought with Underpant will ensure your brand to fit its business.
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