Centre Francophone de Toronto

Refresh Branding, Advertising

About the company

Centre Francophone de Toronto is a non-profit organization that serves as the main entry point to promote the well-being of Francophones who live or plan to live in Toronto. The centre has developed a community-based and multi-disciplinary services to meet the needs of all Francophones in the GTA. Some of the services include legal aid, children and family support, employment, healthcare services.

Our work with them

The task was to promote Centre Francophone as a comfortable and friendly resource to Francophones new to Toronto who could benefit from their services. We also advertised Centre Francophone during their move to a new and improved location that would better service the people.

To accomplish this, a full branding and advertising campaign was created that started with a new logo to represent the community and relationships the company builds. From there we designed billboards and transit posters to raise awareness of the move. Finally, a television commercial, brochure and modern website was designed to complete the rebrand and achieve the goal of making Centre Francophone a welcoming and easy to use service to help the GTA Francophone community live better.

Research & Refresh Branding

Moving campaign

TTC Maps, Posters, Postcards

Website design & Development

Office stationary

Business Card, Letterhead, Envelope, Brochure, Folder

Special programs campaign

Youth Space

Advertising & media campaign

Billboards and public transit campaign

Media display banners

Moving Campaign Brochure

Moving Campaign Brochure

Moving Campaign Advertising

Moving Campaign Advertising

Website Design Process

Website Design Process

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